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Lightscribe-DiscsLightScribe technology is to produce an optical disc recording using a specially coated recordable CDs and a DVD of laser-etched labels with text or graphics discs in comparison with labels and printable.

The method uses the LightScribe laser in the same way if the raw data is on the hard drive, a grayscale image of the label is written, placed the tip of the disc. First, the discs only in a sepia color, but today are available in several colors.

The purpose of LightScribe is to enable users to jump labels on disc (instead of stickers), with their optical disc writer. Special discs and a compatible disc writer needed. Before or after the recording of data, the playback of the disc, the user rotates the disk and add the label down. The laser and then to produce on the label in a way to record an image.

LightScribe discs was developed by Hewlett-Packard engineer Daryl Anderson and chemical coatings developed by Dr. Makarand Gore and marketed by a joint effort of the image design of HP and optical storage divisions in 2004. Anderson is no longer actively participate in Lightscribe.

It was the first CD directly labeling that users can record images from a laser disc label. DiscT @ 2 technology has since about 2002, but DiscT @ 2 allows users to store the unused portion of the data on the disc. In 2005 he was the main competitor Labelflash LightScribe.

The surface of a LightScribe disc is coated with a reactive dye that changes color when it absorbs 780nm infrared laser light. The label engraved show no noticeable fading on exposure to indoor lighting for at least two years. Optical media should always in a protective sleeve or case that keeps the contents of data in the dark and stored protected from scratches. Will be saved in this way, the label should last the life of the disk in a real application.

LightScribe labels in concentric circles toward the center of the glass. to burn images of larger diameter, the longest.

LightScribe discs is monochromatic, in a gray one engraved with the gold surface. Since late 2006, LightScribe discs, available in various colors of surfaces in the specification v1.2. Engraving is always in shades of gray.

Currently, he is not a LightScribe label can be replaced by a new design, but it is possible to add more content to a label, which is already burned.

The center of each disc LightScribe has a special code that the device can know the exact position of rotation of the disc. This in combination with the hardware of the device lets you know the exact position can from the center out, and the disc also labeled while spinning at high speed be with these articles. It also serves a secondary purpose: The same disc can be labeled with the same label again several times. Each subsequent identification of the blacks darker and align generally better images and burn each other perfectly.

It is interesting that the multiple registration of the resulting image dark enough to show over the edge of the disc when it is illuminated. This can be used to display images in a useful light green or white.

Another interesting change is added to the label on the disc space were burned in a light-sensitive PCB and set the page (CDR) with ultraviolet light, producing a board for the cost of a blank LightScribe and PCB-containing equipment.

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