Interesting Switch Panel From Which You Can Manage All Lights of Your Home

Switch-PanelIf you have some problems with managing the turning off and on of the lights in your home, you might consider the option to get yourself one of these switch plates made by Taewon Hwang which are containing switches for lights in your entire home.
The product is called Floor Plan Light Switch and it is used to manage all lights in all rooms in your home from one single place. It is made in shape of your floor plan and all you need to know is to pus the button which has a shape of some of the rooms on your floor-plan-like switch panel.

Those switch panels are customizable in order to get friendly with your very own floor-plan. For some of you this little device will probably sound pretty ridiculous but there might be some of you who need such thing. Setting up a switch like this won’t be easy job and I am sure the guy who is going to do that will have to handle many of wires which are coming from all of your rooms.[via Yanko Design]



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