Bed With Overhead Aquarium

Looking at the aquarium bed you get the idea that those who love extreme styles with a unique touch about them will find it a wonderful artistic addition. The light thrown out by the different components of the aquarium right from the fish, plankton to the blue water gives an awesome shade of different hues. [...]

Charge Your Phone by Breathing With the Aire Mask

Just how many other ways are there to go green in order to harvest energy? Sure, we have massive hydroelectric dams around the world, not to mention solar panels and modern day windmills, but for smaller and portable devices like the iPhone, what are the options available to the masses? Apart from carrying around an extended battery, or slapping on a solar panel to your iPhone, here is a very different route – albeit being a concept at point of publishing. The AIRE mask is a concept that hails from the mind of Joao Paulo Lammoglia, where it will rely on the power of your breath, converting it to electricity thanks to tiny wind turbines. All you need to do is ensure the AIRE mask remains connected to an iOS-powered device, breathe as usual, and you are good to go. [...]

What The iPad Would Look Like If It Was Invented In 1935

If the iPad was invented back in 1935, it would look something like this. Appearing in the issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics, this machine is a microfilm reader. I doubt anyone is that old to remember what it really is.Its attached to a large pole and photographed pages would be enlarged on a glass screen and buttons would navigate the machine allowing for focusing and flipping the pages. In 1935, this was the “it” thing to have. [...]

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Cooking Laptop

Designer Dragan Trenchevski envisions this portable cook top as a boon to travelers and campers who can pull up recipes while whipping up meals miles from home, thanks to its 3G connection and battery pack. Once a recipe is selected, it becomes a stove top. Using induction heating, the cook can select how hot the surface needs to be to cook the particular dish. [...]

Bicycle Repair Station Offers You All What Your Bicycle Needs

How many times you found yourself at the middle of nowhere with your bike broken without needed tools to repair it? Well, if you are not bike driver you might not be able to understand the need of a biker for the product we are about to describe. Bike Fixation is Minneapolis based company which designed the self service kiosk and bike stand where you can find all possible accessories and tools to repair different kind of damages and breaks on your beloved bike. This kind of kiosk and stand would perfectly fit in many gas-stations however, I am affraid that we will have to wait a lot until see this product being installed everywhere. [...]

Top Five iPad Applications For Video Production

If you have the iPad, or even the iPhone, then you could be using these devices to create videos and edit them in a way that most thought would never be possible. Filmmakers have been revolutionized by the iPhone and the iPad, as there are both devices with quality cameras that enable you to make videos without requiring a digital camera and other software. Instead of having to buy a camera, then connect it to a computer and then editing your video, you can record the video you want on the iPad and then edit it on the iPad as well. After all, where else are you going to find a device that records 1080p video, allows you to edit it, and then through internet providers lets you put the video up on the internet through social networking or YouTube. [...]

Interesting Switch Panel From Which You Can Manage All Lights of Your Home

If you have some problems with managing the turning off and on of the lights in your home, you might consider the option to get yourself one of these switch plates made by Taewon Hwang which are containing switches for lights in your entire home.The product is called Floor Plan Light Switch and it is used to manage all lights in all rooms in your home from one single place. It is made in shape of your floor plan and all you need to know is to pus the button which has a shape of some of the rooms on your floor-plan-like switch panel…. [...]

Can We Predict the Future Gadgets?

No one can know the future. But can we predict the future gadgets? The answer is yes, of course our prediction will not be 100% accurate.We predict the future gadgets by paying attention to current trends. The trends will guide us to discover what devices will become part of our life.The trends for the gadgets of the future are:* Miniaturization* Futuristic and bold design* LCD with touchpad usage* Usage of hi tech and hi speed chips* Usage of green, eco technologiesMiniaturizationThe trend in technology is to create ever-smaller scales for first mechanical, then optical and most recently electronic devices. The miniaturization trend can be traced back to ancient times both as an abstract science and a physical practice, beginning with atomic theories of the nature of matter and the use of early microscopes and leading, centuries later, to the current sciences of nanotechnology and molecular nanotechnology.Regarding the gadgets the miniaturization is transforming them into: easy to use, easy to fit everywhere carry, travel and store devices… [...]

The Blackberry 9100 Pearl 3G Is An Impressive All Rounder

The Blackberry 9100 3G Pearl is a functional new handset from the manufacturer.  Recently announced, and due for release in the third quarter of 2010, the 9100 3G Pearl is equipped with many functions which you may expect from a Blackberry.The handset is equipped with an internal phonebook which can store a practically unlimited number of entries and fields and comes with the Photocall facility.  This is whereby a photo is assigned to each contact, which is then displayed on the screen any time that person calls.  256 MB of internal memory is provided for storage of data such as media files, although the included micro SD slot has a pre-installed 2 GB memory card for the same purpose.  Memory can be expanded further by installing a card of up to 32 GB in this slot.The TFT screen can display up to 256K colours within the pixel layout of 360×400, providing vibrant, clear display of on screen imagery.  A half quality keyboard is provided for efficient text entry along with a touch –sensitive optical trackpad for navigating the Blackberry operating system… [...]