Things Look Different When Watched From Up Above

Have you ever felt like you are not knowing something what you should? You do have an opinion but you feel like there’s someone who knows that your opinion is not pretty right? It seems that all of us are living in some kind of boxes and it is pretty hard to achieve the stage in which we do become able to get out of them and see the things from totally different perspectives. [...]

Sunset Photography From Around the World

A sunset is beautiful and captivating, we are drawn to the artistic colours and great feeling it brings us. The sun has been setting for millions of years and yet we are still keen to see it and are left breathless every time it happens. Sunsets have inspired poets and musicians for centuries, whilst painters have tried to recreate the emotion through their works of art. Photographers have been drawn to sunsets because it gives them the opportunity to capture a unique scene that cannot be recreated. The beaming red and orange tones melting in the horizon provide photographers with great opportunities! [...]

Awesome Collection of HDR Photos of the Cars

HDR photography is one of the best ways to showcase the good design and powerfulness of a car. I would say that HDR photography technique is something which could be explained with the term “pimp my photo”. All of us who are going to be watching the following photos are pretty aware of the fact that the real cars are not so beautiful in reality, but still, we love them because they just look too good. [...]