Sanna Dullaway has Colorized Famous Photographs in History

Historical photography, recoloured by Sweden-based artist Sanna Dullaway with Photoshop. She owns a small studio that helps to restore memories in colours, so this series can work as her advertising but still awesome and on my opinion Adobe must get in contact with her for some collaborations…. [...]

Doodles On Restaurant Guest Checks

Guest Checks is a new blog featuring a slew of great artists doodling on, you guessed it… Guest Checks! The blog is curated by Oakland-based artist Super Ugly and will feature new submissions everyday. There is so much talent on display at Guest Checks, including Super Ugly himself, Bay Area artists Cody Williams, Matt Ritchie and Daniel Logan. [...]

Old Movie Scenes Are Placed Into Their Original Settings

A lot of great new contemporary art can be discovered on Tumblr, and that definitely applies to the classic film location photos by Christopher Moloney. The cinephile and filmmaker came up with the concept of PhilmFotos in order to showcase his love of classic movies. Some of the flicks featured below include such all-time greats as Taxi Driver, Scarface, and The French Connection. Like most successful concepts, his, too, is as simple as it is effective: he just snaps a freeze frame from a classic film, then superimposes it over the actual location… [...]

Bed With Overhead Aquarium

Looking at the aquarium bed you get the idea that those who love extreme styles with a unique touch about them will find it a wonderful artistic addition. The light thrown out by the different components of the aquarium right from the fish, plankton to the blue water gives an awesome shade of different hues. [...]

Altered Books Sculptures by Susan Hoerth

We need to think of a better name than book sculptures, but Susan Hoerth transforms childhood fairy tales and book, excerpts characters and illustrations, and makes them appear to be “jumping off the pages.” Maybe this is how we get kids to read and appreciate the wonderous world of print. Wizard of Oz, Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland are all given the sculpture treatment. For Alice In Wonderland, may we suggest a book sculpture and some other mind-altering additions? For you, not the kids… [...]

Liquor Bottles Turned Into Baby Bottles

I think we’re all aware that many advertisers behind major alcohol and tobacco brands target their products to young adults; remember supposedly learning this lesson in D.A.R.E.? When a major label cigarette or beer brand can hook a young person, the brand has earned a lifelong customer. [...]

Three Dimensioning Light Graffiti

And who could blame the late, great Spanish master of the art world? After all, along with being easy on the eye, light painting is an art form that practically anyone can try their hand at. With varying degrees of success, we should add.One light graffiti artist who has nothing to worry about – as a new generation of photographers and artists aim to take light painting to the next level – is Trevor Williams and the Fiz-iks collective who are creating these mind-blowing three dimensional light painting masterpieces… [...]

Antigravity Photography by Mina Sarenac

Antigravity is a series of pictures created by the Serbian photographer Mina Sarenac. They feature magnificent models in more than unusual positions. Without gravity, the impression of lightness is omnipresent and strengthened by dresses and tissues, which seem really liberated from any physical constraints. A very poetic series to see in the article… [...]

Maritime Style Kitchen Marecucina by Alno

Are you crazy about boats and ships? For those who prefer to have ships in every aspect of their life can go for Maritime style kitchen Marecucina by Alno. The modern Marecucina kitchen boasts beautiful wood details and an artfully shaped countertop, skirted in clean, white cabinets that provide plenty of stylish storage – out of sight, out of mind. A lighting panel is integrated into the mast. [...]

Creative Lighting From Panni Pais

Lightme! is a collection that includes three very interesting lamps. Each of these three lamps has unique characteristics but what they all share in common is the simplicity of their designs and the functionality that they offer. Each lamp has a playful name. They are called Buddy, Twiggy and Woody.The Lightme! series was created by Hungary-based designed Panni Pais. The series features designs that were inspired by stacks of wood usually used to set up a fire. [...]