Massive Urban Garden That Stood Five Stories High

Using everyday materials, like water bottles, bubble wrap, plastic hangers and cardboard, found in recycling containers at a major shopping mall in downtown Montreal, artists Roadsworth (i.e. Peter Gibson) and Brian Armstrong, in collaboration with PROJEKROOM collective, created a massive urban garden that stood five stories high… [...]

Incredible Water Wings Photography by Tim Tadder

While working with a mannequin in a studio, Los Angeles based commercial photographer Tim Tadder realized that water made awesome hair like shapes.“It was a blast!” says Tim. Unfortunately, it only worked well with bald heads and he was far too hairy for that. So Tim invited a bunch of awesome bald men into the studio without even telling them what was going to happen. All they had to do was bring a towel and a bathing suit. [...]

Deb Morris is a Master of Micro Wave Photography

Australian photographer Deb Morris is a master of micro wave photography. While her brand of photography isn’t a globally popularized branch of the medium, it is absolutely breathtaking and bound to lead more photographers to discovering its visually magnetic allure. [...]

Lego Ink Riders by Alberto Seveso

“LEGO Ink Riders” is a beautiful surf photography project achieved simply with liquid ink and LEGO figures by Italian photographer Alberto Seveso. A very simple concept, but the rendering is excellent and we can feel the power of these ink waves! I love it! [...]

Incredible and Scary 3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

We have featured several 3D drawing artists here on Fludit. But I have never ever seen any as good as these. Let me present to you Ramon Bruin.Ramon Bruin is a 31 year old talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academic in the Netherlands.  He is mostly a self-taught artist. [...]

Amazing 3D Street Art: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3D Joe & Max are the creative team behind some really spectacular and clever street painting illusions. Their most recent creation sees London’s Southbank crack open to reveal the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ bursting their way out of the sewers below. The piece, created using a combination of paint & chalk, took over 50 hours to complete and was commissioned to promote the new ‘TMNT’ series on Nickelodeon. The piece attracted quiet a crowd and we love these shots of people interacting with the artwork… [...]

Beautiful Portraits of Lonely Street Dogs By Traer Scott

Traer Scott is a Rhode Island based photographer and author of the bestselling books Shelter Dogs (Merrell Publishers 2006), and Street Dogs (October 2007). She traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico to capture these remarkable and soulful photographs of dogs living alone or in packs on city streets… [...]

Amazing sculptures by Giuseppe Penone

In this amazing series of sculptures, artist Giuseppe Penone carefully removes the rings of growth to reveal the ‘sapling within’. By carving out the inside of a tree trunk and leaving the knots in place, they eventually emerge as tiny limbs shown above. [...]

The Wonderful Miniature Photography World of Kurt Moses

Miniature photographs by Kurt Moses are an easy ticket to fantasy land for us. Images from a set have beautiful settings, we found a hint of the wild west, travel, adventure, and not to be underestimated, sea monsters. Kurt and his wife work together on these photographs, working their way through road trips and spontaneously selecting the spots for the photographs. [...]