The New York: Beautiful or Rough?

The New York: Beautiful or Rough?

I have never visited New York and probably I am not going to do so, ever. I am one of those people who are trying not to be fascinated with any place on Earth. At the end, all places, less or more, do look pretty same: some buildings, some streets, some shops etc. However, not all the places are same, of course. New York, with all of its features, has some specialties, which might be described as good or bad, but still they are specialties.

New York is one of those cities which show the latest technological and architectural achievements of human being but, unfortunately, it can be often offered as an example for negative example of moral and social development, where you can find pretty sad facts and see all of the cruelty of this world. But that’s probably what you will find in all of big cities, all over the world: cruelty and coldness.

When it comes to personal deciding of liking or disliking the cities like New York, the decision probably depends on your previous views on life. If you are more materialistic, probably you are going to be fascinated with all that glorious compositions of steel and concrete but if you are one of those which are more conscious of all of morality issues we are facing with, you shall probably find such places pretty less attractive than other small and peaceful towns.

Regarding to this, we have found an collection of Evan Joseph’s photos of New York, where he tried to take some different view on it. The photos are remarkable, of course, but the matter which is shown on them, it is up to you to judge about it.










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