The Mirror of Time: Like it Was Yesterday


Like-it-Was-YesterdayYou will often hear a phrase: “Time is money” and that is probably true. With good planning and with lot of work you can trade your time for a pretty good sum of money, indeed. However, if you want to do opposite, to transform your money into a time, you’ll find this pretty harder than making money from time, or even, you’ll find that this is impossible.

Time is one of the most valuable things we have and we are responsible about how do we spend it. In this modern time of latest technological achievements, when humans are enjoying plenty of benefits which were brought us by rapid development of different technologies as well as the way of how we live, time is flowing very fast and we count days like hours.

The best way to see how time flows rapidly is to watch your photos. If you watch your old photos, you’ll see how younger you were and how time has passed from that time very fast, often you’ll feel like it was yesterday.

Here you can see pretty interesting collection of photos where you can find old people watching younger versions of themselves in mirror.
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