The Center of My World by Jonas Fornerod


Jonas-FornerodA friend of mine often claims that he is always in a center of the world. This is pretty correct if the world itself should have its center. All of us are centers of our worlds. If you are not in a center of your own world then you should think about what you do one more time.

Of course, this way of thinking can cause people have egoistic feelings and look on the world and that is very wrong, however, everyone should know that there are some life situations when you have to care only about yourself. I am not talking about selfishness here at all, which is very wrong too, but I want to make a point that you have to think for yourself and to do be fair and sincere to yourself in some important life situations, and that is my look on being in the center of the world.

However, some people overdo here and act selfish and arrogantly, try to attract attention and make everyone around them act like their servants. We do not have to write here why this is wrong, it is obvious enough.

It seems that Jonas Fornerod, a photographer from Switzerland, has been trying to make some photos right about what I am talking now. He made this interesting collection of photos and named it “The Center of My World”. If you watch his photos, you’ll see that he is indeed in a very center of his world but he does not give much attention to him he just points out that he is there and does not trying to express and impose himself at all.
















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