The Beauty of Struggle With Honourable Purpose


The Beauty of Struggle With Honourable Purpose

In many parts of Pakistan, life is not as easy as the life in western countries. Poverty is one of the greatest problems for the most of the people there. But they still find way to survive, to live their everyday life. For many of those poor people, the beginning of every new day is beginning of true struggle for survival. This is why photographer Khalil Shah decided to make this gallery. In this collection of photos, he tried to find that moment of struggle for life. He calls it beauty and, indeed, it could be conditionally called like that, because the beauty of life is not in enjoying and satisfying the passion, the true beauty of life lays in the struggle with purpose, in the struggle to be a better person, in struggle for good. So, many people in Pakistan might be poor, but if you get closer to them you could see that they are probably having more happy moments in their lives than those who have everything and are still questioning themselves about the purpose of life.











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