The Beauty of Light as a Source of Happiness by Zsolt Zsigmond


Happiness-by-Zsolt-ZsigmondI have been thinking recently about the fact that humans associate light with the happiness and dark with the sadness.
This seems to be pretty interesting. Since it is winter in my town right now, I was very happy when I saw that Sun is shinning yesterday and I have immediately left my home, even if I didn’t planned that at all, and took some walk outside. Despite the fact that it was probably coldest day of this autumn, I haven’t been bothered by that fact because the sunshine has influenced my mind and I was enjoying the whole day and I was pretty happy. But, when there is no much sunshine outside, like today, then people start to feel some sadness.
It seems that sunlight is really important to us because it can make significant influence on how we feel.
Those photos which we have attached to this article have been took by professional photographer Zsolt Zsigmond. We liked how he devoted his attention to light in the most of those beautiful photos so we decided to share them with you.
Photographer: Zsolt Zsigmond











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