Taking Photos of the Photos from Old Times But at the Same Place


Taking Photos of the Photos from Old Times But at the Same Place

Taylor Jones is a guy from Ontario who have stumbled upon an idea to take photos of old photos from his past, placed in same position and scene where they were taken, dozens of years ago.

He came up to this idea suddenly while he was watching at some old photos. He realized that his home hasn’t changed much and he decided to try how it will look like if he places those photos in same place where they were taken, and here you are about to see the results of this adventure.

After experimenting with this kind of photography he even decided to run a website related to this and named it DearPhotograph and his site and photos on it suddenly became very popular.

Why can’t I concentrate this hard anymore?

I looked good in a tux.

I wish I treated you better when we were in high school.

I’ll always remember the summers in that truck.

I miss that playground.

Thanks for reminding me how easy it was to ice a cake when I was 4.

Bring back that swing.

I drained 3’s all day!

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