Promised Land – Photos by Tino Schaedler and Achim Lippoth


Promised Land - Photos by Tino Schaedler and Achim LippothI am not a big fan of those movies which are happening in the future and which are showing us some unrealistic time after some great disaster which struck the world. But, it seems that this kind of movies have been a source of inspiration for the Tino Schaedler and Achim Lippoth who made a number of photos which you are about to see.

Here you can see interesting sets where kids are shown as characters from movies which I described at the beginning of the post. I think that I understood the message which authors of this project wanted to spread: the importance of raising and educating kids which are those who will carry the human race into the future.
The collection is called “Promised Land” and it has been made for Kid’s Wear Magazine.









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