Portraits Drawn by Faber Castel Pencils by Hwee Chong

Portraits Drawn by Faber Castel Pencils by Hwee Chong

When I hear the name of the brand Faber Castell, I just cannot avoid to remember me while being a small child painting with those sweet color pencils made by Faber Castell. Although this might sound you like an advertisement article, actually it is not, I really do not know how, but I do remember the name of that brand, probably because their logo was pretty outstanding, and it was pretty hard not to notice it on every color pencil I had.

Chan Hwee Chong is Hamburg based artist who has recently made interesting collection of precise drawings, three portraits painted by using Faber Castell pencils and the artist didn’t hide his delight with the abilities of these pens so he even named the gallery with the name of the brand.






Chan’s portfolio

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