Painting With Fire by Paul Chojnowski


Painting-With-FireIf you once were a curious kid who liked to explore and perform different scientific experiments (only the good ones) then you have to have been trying to perform an ‘invisible ink’ experiment which literally includes drawing invisible inscriptions with a fire.

Paul Chojnowski is USA-based artist who has brought this idea of making inscriptions, paintings or similar with a fire, to a higher level. While other artists are painting with paints, Paul has dared himself to go for something more unique and found that he can actually paint with fire. He paints by selective burning parts of the paper with different kinds and intensities of flames. But when you play with fire you have to be very careful, especially if you use it for painting on a paper. If you think that you could try this technique, I am sure that you’ll need a lot of papers to be burnt before making your very first fire-painting. Also, be sure to have a proper fire extinguisher beside yourself, while painting. Just in case…











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