Kids Smartphone Apps

Children all seem to have mobile devices these days. Many of them use them to play on the apps and there are all sorts of different ones that they can choose from. As developers know that children are a big part of their market then they start to develop apps that will appeal to them. This obviously includes a lot of games as children (and many adults!) love playing games. There are also educational apps as well which parents may like their children to try.

It is possible to find educational games such as number games, puzzles and even language learning apps which can help children to have fun and to learn as well. It is now recognized by many app developers that parents would like their children to do something educational as well as fun when they are playing on their mobile devices and they are therefore bringing out apps which help with this. Parents can also be happy that the apps are safe because they know that they are specifically targeted at children, which is really useful as well. Some even use apps to help to teach their children about things which are not covered in school so much, such as the Change for Life apps to help with healthy eating and the Go Henry app at to teach them how to manage their money, like financial education at home.

Some parents do worry if their children use mobile devices and computers a lot, especially if they did not grow up using them themselves. The same way as a generation or two before worried about children watching a lot of television when they did not have it growing up. However, parents can control this and make sure that their children have a good balance. Make sure that they do get exercise, that they get their homework done and have family time so that when they are using their mobile devices you know that they have already done other activities to balance their life. If you monitor what they are downloading and which apps they are using then you will know that they are using ones that are safe. Playing with them also helps you to still have contact with them, to be able to talk to them about things they are interested in and to guide them in their play to more educational apps and games.

Schools now recognize that technology can play a really big role in education because it is something that children find fun. They understand how to use computers really well and so many classrooms not only have computers but they also have tablets so that the children can use technology that they are used to seeing and can make learning more fun. It is well understood that learning in a way that is fun means that you retain the information better and are more enthusiastic and so if you can also put a learning element into the fun things you do at home, this can help. Busy parents these days do not have so much time to spend with their children and so by giving them educational apps to play at times when parents are busy, they can have fun and learn without the need of a teacher.

The great thing about apps is that many of them are free. This means that you do not even have to worry about the cost, once you have bought the mobile device. These are also getting cheaper and so more families are able to buy them and they are becoming a part in most children’s lives. Some apps do have an in app payment where you can pay to advance in a game or you can pay to have the advertising removed. However, these are optional and if you do not activate a credit card on the child’s account, then they will not be able to accidentally spend money on apps.

It is important though to monitor your children. You want to make sure that you are aware of which apps they are downloading, because of the risk of viruses and to make sure that they are age appropriate. Asking them to check with you before each download can protect against this and you can also choose to download educational apps for them to choose from as well.

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