Interesting Surreal Artworks Made by Xetobyte


Surreal-Artworks-Made-by-XetobyteSurreal art is pretty interesting way which was used by some artist to express their thoughts and feelings. I have to admit that I am pretty reserved when I hear about surreal art because I know that it is pretty wide field where there is no much of rules and artists can do anything they want to do, and sometimes this doesn’t bring so nice results.

It is interesting that there is a plenty of surreal artists who choose to create some artworks where the darkness is dominating, rather than brightness. As a huge fan of bright artworks which are featuring the feel of clear spirit and eternal happiness, I am not so delighted with such artworks where darkness and dark thoughts are dominating.

Those pretty dark surreal artworks were made by an artist who calls himself Xetobyte. It is up to you to judge the quality and correctness of those artworks.








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