Hiking the Grand Canyon With John Miranda


Hiking the Grand Canyon With John MirandaEvery time I see Grand Canyon I can’t avoid thinking about those sci-fi movies where you can see some alien landscapes. Grand Canyon is indeed something specific, it is an unique part of the nature.

There you can find some really unusual shapes which indeed look like they’re not from Earth.

It is one of the places which I certainly would like to see personally but I am pretty sure that I will never visit it.

John Miranda has been one of those who had luck to visit the Grand Canyon. The following photos are took by him while he was hiking there from the South Rim to the North Rim. Miranda has years of experience in hiking in Grand Canyon and those photos were originating in last few years while he was visiting Grand Canyon.

Sunrise lights the inner canyon on the Kaibab Trail

Hiker, South Kaibab. This picture is featured in the South Kaibab Trail Guide published by Grand Canyon Association

Ridge on South Kaibab

Switchbacks leading down to the Plateau below

The Kaibab trail leading to tip-off point, which then takes us sharply down to the Colorado River

Silver Bridge leading to Bright Angel Trail

Late afternoon on the Colorado. This picture was taken on a different trip while camping below the rim

A mule train crosses the Black Bridge over the Colorado River

Spring near the bottom of Bright Angel Trail

Overlook from South Kaibab Trail

Early morning light hits the South Kaibab Trail

First rays of light reaching the canyon. The South Kaibab Trail can be seen in the distance (towards center)

Box Canyon, as we traverse to the North Rim

The trail descends into the inner gorge, revealing new colors as we approach the Colorado River

South Kaibab Trail rewards hikers with stunning ridge views

Sunset as seen from the North Rim. This image can be seen as a 30 foot mural at the National Geographic IMAX Theatre near the Grand Canyon

John Miranda

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