Digital Caricatures by Dominic Philibert


Digital Caricatures by Dominic Philibert
Digital Caricatures by Dominic Philibert

Caricatures are funny and interesting way which some artist uses to express their view on a particular situation or their impression of some famous people.
Digital caricatures have became pretty popular amongst internet users and they seem to be more funny and entertaining than hand-drawn caricatures.

Dominic Philibert, an caricaturist who lives in Montreal, has put his ability to make funny caricatures on a higher level by making them digital. It seems that he tries to find funny and entertaining in anyone and caricatures he makes are clearly overexpressing funny attributes of some famous persons.

Dominic claims that caricatures are some kind of half way between simplicity and cartoon and he adds that caricature could be defined as a great thought which is expressed in the as simplest way as it is possible. Here you can see some of his most interesting caricatures. [source]







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