Different Kinds of Rag Mats


Different-Kinds-of-Rag-MatsWe often purchase expensive antique paintings for home décor and use an inexpensive glitzy frame for it. However, saving money on framing can ultimately ruin the valuable artwork. This is the reason why art experts advise to use acid free rag mats for framing the valuable keepsakes and paintings. Such acid-free rag mat boards will help to preserve your treasured picture from the detrimental agents like light, moisture and pests.

Mat board is an essential component for framing pictures. Picture mats stay close to an artwork and hence it must not contain acid, which will eventually damage the picture. It also provides a free space between the surface of a picture and glazing. This free space prevents the moisture formation on the surface and thus the picture stays unaffected for a long time. There is also slight expansion and contraction of paintings depending on the weather condition. When the painting expands, there is a possibility that it may touch the glazing. Again, during the contraction your painting might develop wrinkles on the surface. Using mat boards prevents possibilities of such damages.

Generally, mat boards are of two types:
-Paper mat
-Rag mats

Paper mats are comparatively cheaper than rag mats and is good for temporary framing needs. You will get a wide array of colors and sizes in paper mats.

On the other hand, rag mat boards are quite expensive and popularly used in art galleries for conservation framing. Alpha cellulose and cotton rag boards are archival quality framing supplies. Special manufacturing technique is applied for these rag boards so that they remain durable and protect the picture for a long time.

Unlike ordinary mat boards, these rag museum boards are made acid-free through chemical treatment. This helps to prevent the yellowish stain that develops on a framed painting or photograph. These are available in different inner linings that give gallery-look to a picture. Moreover, you can find mats with varied photo opening styles, which emphasizes your picture largely.

In order to get standard with framing equipments you must know the manufacturing process of such materials. This becomes easy when you buy from a quality online store. Good online store provides detailed information on the products in their official website. Documounts is one such online store that provides archival quality framing materials at an affordable rate. You can visit their official website to read the product details and client testimonials before purchasing the products.

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