Classic Sculptures in Trendy Outfits

Classic Sculptures in Trendy Outfits

How would the sculptures in the Louvre get dressed if contemporary clothes, if we put them sunglasses and tennis? Caillard Persani Alexis and Leo give us the answer in a project called Stone Street . Photos, retouched in Photoshop show a more expensive present of the statues, in that they carry jeans, checked shirts, neon colored clothes. Contrary to what one might think, there is validity in their beards, hairstyles and attitudes of these ancestral characters.


We are facing what is probably the best-looking set of hipsters of history: all have athletic bodies and carefully sculpted, and the different situations that were immortalized contribute to its relentless pursuit of originality . The retouched photos of Alexis and Leo Persani Caillard, besides being an interesting joke, leave us thinking that the aesthetic parameters of the male body have not changed that much after all. The muscular men have always been popular, as is the hyperbole of the artists who pretend to posterity. That is, do not think the old men who inspired the works have had those bodies, but painters and sculptors were engaged to portray the ideal, in a process similar to the designers and photographers use when modifying the bodies of models in Photoshop.





Alexis Persani on Behance
Léo Caillard’s website

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