Beautiful Portraits of Lonely Street Dogs By Traer Scott

Beautiful Portraits of Lonely Street Dogs By Traer Scott

Traer Scott is a Rhode Island based photographer and author of the bestselling books Shelter Dogs (Merrell Publishers 2006), and Street Dogs (October 2007). She traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico to capture these remarkable and soulful photographs of dogs living alone or in packs on city streets. Since most ‘satos’ (Puerto Rican slang for street dogs) were formerly pets, they are usually friendly, approachable and eager to be adopted. As Scott documents in her introduction, she was personally involved in rescuing many of the dogs she photographed for this book, and—thanks to the collaborative efforts of Puerto Rican, Latin American and US organizations—she arranged for a number of the dogs to be sponsored and adopted into new homes in the United States.
Street Dogs and Shelter Dogs are available at all major booksellers, and at theASPCA® gift shop where more of the purchase price will go to helping homeless animals.





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