Beautiful Light Calligraphy By Julien Breton


Light-Calligraphy-By-Julien-BretonYou know that calligraphy is art of writing, but some folks have managed to create an entirely new genre of art called light calligraphy. So what is this light calligraphy? Well, Julien Breton has the answer, so let’s have a closer look at it.
It seems that this French artist has managed to combine both calligraphy with light effects and dancing into one. I’m not sure how does he create all these amazing effects, but they are using some sort of plastic that glows when lighted by a flashlight, so can even see a person holding a flashlight in these pictures. Although the ways of creating these images might sound a bit simple, the results are amazing, and they might look like they were made in Photoshop, but we’re pretty sure that they aren’t.

Lights, dance moves, and calligraphy are all parts of a new genre called light calligraphy, and if you haven’t faced this genre before, now is the right time to do it.







Julien Breton

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