Amazing Stone House Made Between Two Giant Rocks


Stone-HouseIf you have ever been in a house made completely from stone, you are familiar with the fact how can they be cold. Of course this is good if you live in the area where the weather is always hot, however you will not want to spend the winter in such house.

Anyways, stone houses are pretty cool and it is really nice to see some old house which still stands on the ground probably just because it has been made of such durable material.

But there are some stone houses which are far away of that being just houses, they can be called artworks and this amazing stone house from Portugal is certainly one of such houses which is going to tackle your mind for a while.

It is interesting that two of four walls of this little house are natural rocks which were found placed perfectly close each other so someone has got an idea to put a house between them. All this gives it a special natural look and I believe this is great example for those who love to talk about living with the nature.









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