Ink Dot Drawings by Miguel Endara

Artist Miguel Endara gave a new dimension to stipple art, draws a magnificent portrait of his father using about 3.2 million ink dots. With only one pen, Miguel Endara completed that fascinating piece of great work within 210 hours and posted the video on Vimeo. [...]

Guy Laramee Delicately Cuts Caverns Through the Centers of Books

Guy Laramee delicately cuts caverns through the centers of books.  He carves the pages away to reveal caves that seem to be ready to be explored.  His work explores the insides of books in a very literal way.  Indeed, Laramee’s sculptures in way recall the plot of a classic: Journey to the Center of the Earth.  And, in fact, Laramee mentions this book in his statement on the series. [...]

Marie Antoinette – What Do You Think Her Helicopter Would Look Like?

If Marie Antoinette was alive today, what do you think her helicopter would look like? Seriously, think about it for a minute. It would be the girliest thing you ever did see.A question you never thought would ever cross your mind – if Marie Antoinette had a helicopter, would it look like your regular run-of-the-mill helicopter or would it me something extraordinary, much like Marie herself? Yea, you have officially been stumped. [...]

Beautiful Collections Of Winter Photography

To capture the nature in its original form is difficult. But with the help of modern technologies it become easy but still to capture nature we have to focus on the lights and different scenes. So, today we collect various forms of winter season to look at this winter photography and enjoy the natural beauty which we tried to give you. With the help of camera eye we capture it and see it and say woh! [...]

Fanciful Series of Miniature Clouds in Unexpected Places by Sarah Ann Wright

Sarah Ann Wright is a photographer based in London and has captured portraits to landscapes before. However, the way she quirkily conceives photos of clouds catch the attention of many people.The little white masses appear to float in a magical fashion atop pair of hands and glass cup as snow and showers are sent down. While everything she has come up with is real, the snow falling is textural layer done through Photoshop… [...]

3D Street Art Illusion by Erik Johansson

Mind your step is a large scale 32 x 18 meters (105′ x 59′ feet) street illusion in Stockholm at Sergels torg made by me, Erik Johansson. It will be on the square between 7-12 June 2011. For a long time I have been doing creative retouch and surreal montages. I’ve always been quite fascinated by perspective illusions in my images and some time ago I got an idea of trying to realize one in a public space somewhere. [...]

Giant Flower Sculptures Created in Belgium

Nowhere else on the planet will you find as much variety in flowers as in The Netherlands. And they get very creative with it. For a recent event called “Flowers Parade” the giant flower sculptures were created in Belgium…. [...]

Creative Artwork by Ben Heine: Pencil vs Camera

Ben Heine is undoubtedly one of the most unique, innovative, and exciting artists exhibiting their work for people, he grew up in Ivory coast. “Pencil Vs Camera” is a new invented visual concept which took Ben Heine to the next level and the series had a bumping impact in graphic design community. It has a mix of photography, drawing, imagination and reality. Ben usually integrates an inventive hand made drawing in front of a realistic background. Ben’s hand is always clearly visible; it represents the close connection between the viewer, the artist and the artwork. Ben evolved pointillism in his arts by having the “points” be recognizable rather than “invisible”, thus adding a symbolic significance to his concepts. [...]

Coolest Family Photo Shoot Idea Ever

Canada-based photographer and graphic designer Ulric Collette came up with probably the coolest family photo shoot idea ever. He ended up creating his first genetic portrait.While doing “an image a day” type of project Urlic tried to age his son in Photoshop an accidentally ended up creating his first genetic portrait (the first picture on our list). It was made by splicing together photographs of himself and his son… [...]