Unusual Ceramic Skateboard Sculptures Made by Xavier Manosa Ciria and Alex Trochut


Ceramic-Skateboard-SculpturesSkateboards and snowboards have always attracted my attention but I have never tried to ride none of the. It is interesting how such a piece of wood can became so powerful tool in hands (i.e. legs) of skateboarding or snowboarding masters.

Skateboarding (and snowboarding) are similar sports and it is interesting how they are practiced by a similar type of people.

Yes those sports have been followed with a specific kind of culture and behavior amongst the most of those who practice it. If you are practicing one of those two sports then you will notice that this sport affects the whole way of your living. In my opinion, snowboarders and skateboarders are pretty influenced by a Hip-Hop culture and the way of life.

Spanish designers Xavier Manosa Ciria and Alex Trochut have made a number of artworks which should be their view of the skateboarding world. They have made those pretty interesting skateboards from ceramic and as you can see, some of them are made in parts, bended or broken. I wonder what would happen if some would try to ride one of those…










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