Understanding Bathroom Design – Designing for Happiness



Professional bathroom designers are masterful at merging both function and form to create breathtaking results. In this eight-part series which I call “Understanding Bathroom Design,” I draw on my experience working with some of London’s top bathroom designers to explain this exciting field. This final article talks about the psychology of design.It can be really interesting to talk with professional London Bathroom Designers and learn how they see the psychology of their role. Many designers talk of the way in which a fabulous bathroom design starts with a stroke of imagination. They will mention the captivating enchantment of a well-designed room, with unconventional or thoughtful small touches making the house really feel like a home.One of the really big questions in designing for happiness is whether to select painted walls or wallpaper or tiles for new bathroom design projects. Colour is the number one consideration. It can be used to frame and showcase certain interesting features of the bathroom dimensions, attractive London-designed sanitaryware, or favourite pieces of washroom artwork. Mood is an important bathroom design consideration in this regard – how does the client want to achieve that feeling of happiness by luxuriating in the space of their new bathroom?Professional bathroom designers in London often refer to the “scale challenge” – by which they mean the problem of smaller London bathrooms sometimes being rather cramped and awkwardly-shaped. The designer may choose to respond by focusing on a small number of larger sanitaryware items to make the space seem more extravagant. In such cases, a bathroom design may benefit from deeper, smoother colours to provide atmosphere while simultaneously softening any dividing lines or contours.The final aim of any bathroom design project should be simple but ambitious – namely to make our interior universe a happier space. Fabulous interiors that meet our needs and that support our wellbeing have a real and meaningful significance that goes well beyond the bathroom design itself. London is home to over 7.5 million people, many of whom have bathrooms at home that could benefit from a refresh. Happier individuals serve as more helpful acquaintances and neighbours, they are more energetic at work, and they are generally more involved members of London society.That brings to an end my eight-part series called “Understanding Bathroom Design.” Thank you for reading.

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