Refreshing Umbrella Stand For Your Home


Refreshing-UmbrellaI’m not a fan of rain because after the rain you have to leave your umbrella to dry out before you can use it again. Of course, it’s not a good thing to dry your umbrella in your apartment, but luckily there’s a new and interesting design that can help you with it.

This new design is using seeds that are stored bellow the grid and all that you have to do is to place your umbrella over this umbrella stand, and the raindrops from your umbrella will drain down to the seeds that are placed bellow the grid. It’s quite interesting solution, and it will definitely bring some freshness to your home. Of course, you’re not limited to your umbrella, you can place your wet shoes and water the plants that way as well, and if there’s no any rain you can always water the plants on your own to keep them alive.

It’s an interesting design, and currently we don’t know if this umbrella stand is available in stores, but we’re hoping to see it one day.

Designer: Junjie Zhang







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