Old Building Make-Up by Refurbishing One of Its Walls


Refurbishing-WallsHave you ever passed aside some old gray building which brings the feel of depression in your chests? Many urban areas do have such blocks of buildings which are not maintained as well as they should be. Those are buildings which were built some ten or twenty years ago and they are not old enough to be considered as historical monument and to be valuable from that point of view and yet, they are neither modern enough to please the eye of viewers. Such buildings were roughly build with a purpose to settle some people in them without much care about the exterior design.

Here you are watching one of such buildings which was, we can freely say it, pretty ugly and not so nice to see. However, someone got an idea to refurbish one of its walls which is next to the street. Now this building looks like some modern architectural achievement and I believe the all refurbishment work didn’t cost too much since the main material which was used for this make-up was wood.
David Bravo Salva











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