Making Abstract Artworks From Everyday Objects


Making Abstract Artworks From Everyday Objects
William Castellana is American photographer, based in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, who makes abstract artworks of everyday objects. One of his well-known artworks is photo of crumpled $20 bill where he photographed the side where lays the portrait of Andrew Jackson in black and white technology.

We could say that Castellana’s artworks are best examples of how something ordinary can easily become something extraordinary, just by using some special light and shadow effects.

As you can see from attached photos, Castellana likes to use grayscale technology while photographing.

Castellana graduated at Purchase College and after that he moved to Williamsburg where he lives today. He claims that he doesn’t use help of stylist and he enjoys doing everything by itself. He says that he tries to use as less of lighting as it is possible and he even does the most of retouching job by himself.

Twenty Dollars

Ice Study

Light Bulb Face

American Bill Design


Aluminum Scrap

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