Frank Gehry And His Amazing Building Models


Frank-Gehry-Building-ModelsWe all love to see new and interesting buildings, and speaking of buildings, we’ve got a special treat for you today. You might be bit disappointed because these are just models, but we might get the chance to see them someday in the future.

All these models are made by Frank Gehry and they are absolutely amazing. For example, first model represents a tall building that has several floors, and the most interesting part of this model is that the top of the building is smaller in size than other bottom of the building, and that the top of wider part is actually used as a balcony. It’s interesting design, but so far, it’s only a model. Besides this building, we have another one that looks like it was being crushed by a giant hand. Almost all walls of this building are distorted which gives it its unique look. Last but not least, we have a model of a building that looks like a collision of two buildings, and although it’s not completed, it looks interesting enough.






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