Designer Steve Kuhl Builds a Pirate Ship in His Bedroom


Pirate-ShipI have never had an opportunity to experience how it is to be on a ship, especially the pirate-ship. Steve Kuhl is a designer who neither had an opportunity to sail by a pirate-ship, i.e. I hope so he didn’t, but this didn’t stop him to let his imagination work for him and to convert one part of his home into amazing ship-like environment.

He decided to fulfill his dreams from childhood when he decided to convert a part of his bedroom into a pirate ship, literally.

He made an imitation of part of the ship from wood, near the plafond of his bedroom, and he made it reachable by wire-bridge and wooden stairs. The interior of his small pirate ship is pretty simple designed. There is not much of things which might tell us that Steve didn’t wanted to put there unnecessary things. It seems that this is pretty favorite place for him when he wants to get rested from his job. The main thing in his ship is a small rudder cab where Steve sits and enjoys being captain of his own ship. He has also designed a system of a few ropes so he can get on the ground fast, in case of unexpected urgency. I am just wondering, what his wife has to say about this.










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