Creative Lighting From Panni Pais

Creative Lighting From Panni Pais

Lightme! is a collection that includes three very interesting lamps. Each of these three lamps has unique characteristics but what they all share in common is the simplicity of their designs and the functionality that they offer. Each lamp has a playful name. They are called Buddy, Twiggy and Woody.The Lightme! series was created by Hungary-based designed Panni Pais. The series features designs that were inspired by stacks of wood usually used to set up a fire.


With such a unique source of inspiration, the lamps are highly original. They have translated the unique and primitive beauty of those stacks of wood into functional everyday objects. The designer also wanted to give these lamps another functional feature: their ability to be used in a variety of spaces.




This characteristic refers to the lamps’ versatility but also to their actual design. Structurally, their design is very simple. They feature an LED illumination source set within a Plexi tube. The three lamps have rotatable structure and they can be used in a variety of spaces and situations. For example, Buddy is the shirt legged version and you have the possibility to hand it on door handles or lay it on shelf edges. Twiggy has thin and long legs and you can place on the table or on the floor or hang it. Finally, Woody has even longer legs. This allows you to stick it onto the ground, make it sit on the edge of the table or hang it.

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