Astonishingly Designed “Hedonist Yacht” From Dreams


Wooden-Dream-YachtMost of us already know that yachting is not a sport for everyone, especially for those who cannot afford a decent yacht.

I personally do not see anything spectacular in possessing of yacht, but some people are crazy about those things, probably just because possessing a decent yacht is considered as a sign of higher position in society of a very owner of it.

Despite the fact I am not such yacht enthusiast, it doesn’t mean that I cannot see the difference between a yacht and a super-yacht.

This thing which you are looking at right now, really isn’t an ordinary yacht. It rather reminds me on some powerful military boat. It’s external as well as internal design will make most of you wish to have a ride in this yacht which does look like it has came directly from some of futuristic sci-fi movies.

“Hedonist Yacht” has been designed by Art of Kinetik, it is powered by Rolls Royce machine and it can reach the speed of 46 mph. The most interesting fact is that the most of it has been made from expensive mahogany wood.











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