Amazing Transparent Box By Cayetano Ferrer


Transparent-BoxArt has changed a lot during the centuries, and instead of standard paintings and sculptures, we’re getting all sorts of modern and urban art. Most of this art is based on everyday objects that we use, but great thing about this type of art is that it has that weird and unusual look that will surely make you think. Today we have something rather unusual and weird created by Cayetano Ferrer, so let’s have a closer look at it.
Cayetano Ferrer is a modern artist, and just like many other modern artists, he’s using the everyday objects in his creations. This time Cayetano Ferrer decided to use a simple cardboard box in his creations, but this isn’t a ordinary cardboard box. You might not know, but Cayetano Ferrer is famous for putting prints over everyday objects, in this case cardboard boxes, and creating his own art that way. This time, he did an amazing job because he printed a background texture over the cardboard box, so it looks like the cardboard box is actually transparent. This amazing cardboard box looks like it has been made in Photoshop, and so unrealistic, but we assure you that this is the real deal.
Cayetano Ferrer did an amazing job, so make sure that you check these pictures out.







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