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Best Tech Gadgets For Music Fans
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Monday, 17 January 2011 23:18

Tech-Gadgets-For-Music-FansIf youíre into tech and into music, today we have some amazing music devices that you shouldnít miss. We have to mention that most of these devices arenít that cheap, but they will definitely enhance your music experience.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System


If you however enjoy in traditional speakers, than Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System might be a right solution for you, because itís a wireless system and in order to use it, you just need to plug a USB into your computer and enjoy in the power of these wireless speakers.

Parrot Zikmu Wireless Speakers


If youíre into wireless speakers we have to mention Parrot Zikmu Wireless Speakers. They come with amazing design, and if you want to listen your favorite tunes, just place your iPod or iPhone into a docking station and enjoy.

iPad + Djay App


On the other hand, if you want to try your luck as a DJ, you donít have to use all of that expensive equipment. Simply get an iPad with a Djay App and enjoy in amazing touchscreen interface that will surely make you feel like a DJ.

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre


Of course, if you like enjoying your favorite music on headphones then Bose or Beats by Dr. Dre might be a perfect solution for you.

iPod Nano


Speaking of portable players, you might want to consider iPod Nano as well because it comes with multitouch screen, FM radio.

Jawbone Jambox


This device that we have is a Jawbone Jambox, and itís wireless Bluetooth speaker that can work for eight hours without charging, so thatís eight hours of streaming music from any Bluetooth device.

Logitech Squeezebox Touch


If you like to carry your music with you and enjoy in iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and Rhapsody services Logitech Squeezebox Touch might be the right player for you.

TDK Boombox for 3-speaker version


A next device is TDK Boombox, and itís a set of speakers with amazing black glossy design. Simply, connect your iPod or iPhone to it, and enjoy in your favorite tunes.

Shure SE425 Sound-Isolating Earphones


Letís get back to the earphones for a second, if you want a proper sound, without any noise youíll probably want a pair of Shure SE425 Sound-Isolating Earphones. Sure, they might be bit expensive, but they provide amazing quality.

Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack


Last item on our list isnít a speaker, itís a bag, actually, itís Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack and it will recharge all of your devices and media players that youíre carrying in it via solar panels.

As you can see, if youíre into music and gadgets, these are some of the music gadgets that you shouldnít miss.


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