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The Silence Is Best Music For Your Ears and Your Brain
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Friday, 09 September 2011 10:42


The Silence Is Best Music For Your Ears and Your Brain

Notes are used in musical notation. They are a scripture used for writing the musical sounds. Most of people will relate them with happiness because they are often used in advertisements and other similar TV productions where they are shown as the symbol of happiness and carelessness.

An street artist from Milano, known as Eme, decided to use musical notes for painting some interesting artworks. This kind of unique street art is performed in Strasbourg, France, where Eme painted this interesting artwork on a wall by using notes as the basic element of her painting.

This particular artwork has been named "La Silence" and I believe it has pretty obvious message: We live in a world of noise where you can hear different kind of music in every corner, we live in a world where the silence is much more appreciated than any kind of music. And for sure, silence is best music for your ears and for your brain. [source]




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