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The Romanticism of the Taj Mahal Exposed by Thamer Al-Tassan
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Monday, 13 February 2012 23:02


The Romanticism of the Taj Mahal Exposed by Thamer Al-Tassan

Want to be a professional photographer? Well, it seems that there is no better place to begin your photographic adventure than Taj Mahal. It is considered one of the most romantic places in the world. Although the place is awesomely colorful there are photographers who are trying to expose the romanticism of the place by photographing it with grayscale technology.

Thamer Al-Tassan is photographer from Saudi Arabia who made some of such grayscale photos of Taj Mahal. Thamer seems to be a self-taught photographer who was awarded by the title of "Travel Digital Photographer of the Year" by Digital Photographer magazine. He says that he is very proud of this series of photos which are showing an artistic perspective of Taj Mahal.








Thamer Al-Tassan's website


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