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Rolling Through the Bay: Amazing Sculpture Made from Toothpicks by Scott Weawer
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 09:50


Rolling Through the Bay: Amazing Sculpture Made from Toothpicks by Scott Weawer

Scott Weaver is artist who uses toothpicks to create amazing architectural artworks. He started building toothpick sculptures when he was only eight and since that time he has improved his techniques and he developed a special love for abstract sculptures and creating abstract locations which actually do not exist in reality.

Here you are watching his famous sculpture called Rolling Through the Bay. He started to build it more than thirty years ago. He has worked on its construction for decades but he was also doing other projects in meantime. He claims that he just loves to work with toothpicks. Here are some photos of his famous artwork which contains more than 100,000 toothpicks. The sculpture acts like a huge marble machine and it is constructed so if you put a ping pong ball at the right place at the top of it, it will roll down to the bottom of the sculpture through specially planned and designed stairs, bridges, roads and similar. [source]








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