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Once Upon a Time in Social Networking... Social Media Vintage Ads
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Thursday, 09 December 2010 00:28


Social-Media-Vintage-AdsFor those readers of us who are old enough to remember the times when personal computer begun its rise on the market, the following collection of social networking vintage ads could be pretty interesting and pretty pragmatical.
If you observe some of the old ads for PC's or Apple computers you'll see how everything in the world of technology ages fast. Personal computers which were once priceless cannot be even considered to be used today, just a dozen years after their production.

It seems that same rule can be applied to online services, one day, they can be very popular and visited but the next day some other better service will come and push out the previous one from use. We can say that this happened to Yahoo! and MySpace, and now everyone talks that this could also happen to Facebook.

Facebook is the world's fastest growing web site right now, however, this doesn't means that they'll be on the top forever. Here you can see some vintage ads where Facebook, Skype and some similar social networking services are already the part of past and you are watching some of ads which were used to promote them.
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