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Old Books Turned Into Carved Sculptures by Kylie Stillman
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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 14:53


Old Books Turned Into Carved Sculptures by Kylie Stillman

Kylie Stillman is a sculptor which has definitely found the way to the uniqueness of her artworks. As you will see in following photos, she seems to be found an useful way to re-cycle some old books old bunch of paper from the basement. She uses books as the material for the sculptures, however, she do not make the sculptures of books, instead she makes them inside books, i.e. she carves them carefully letting the shape of the sculpture to be formed by the parts of books which remain after carving process is finished.

She even managed to create some very detailed sculptures of trees or flowers. For bigger sculptures, like the vase with the flowers (see the photo), she rather uses a large bunch of folded up paper.









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