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Disney Family Studio's Office in LA
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Disney Family Studio's Office in LA

Disney has produced numerous cartoons in its past and it has gained huge reputation in the world of cartoon production. For the most of us, it is enough to hear the name "Disney" and we will associate it with this or that cartoon, immediately.

Creating cartoons requires huge amounts of creativity. But there is also a division of Disney company, called Disney Family Studio and its main task is to create printables for kids and parents.

Here you can see a few of photos of Disney Family Studio's main office in Los Angeles. The most of printables you will see on following photos are made by three illustrators Mario, Craig and Kelly. If you're interested in making one of their fun printables, please check out DisneyFamily and Familyfun. I'm sure you'll love these crafts, enjoy![source]

Kelly, Craig and Mario – My awesome co-workers in LA.

Kelly, the illustrator is busy working at her station.

Disney Princess printables made by Kelly.

Disney Princess printables made by Kelly.

Disney Family Printables made by Mario.

Disney Family Studio's Office in LA


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